Rev. John Mark Chankersingh

jmc 1-6897 newIt’s amazing how God brings the pieces of one’s life together, Rev John Mark Chankersingh is a testimony of this truth. From a child he knew he was called to ministry. He was exposed to just about every aspect from a tender age, from Missions’ trips to Christmas Cantatas, Media ministry to Outpost, Sunday School to Conventions and the list goes on! Their involvement, his and his sister’s, Beverly, is due to the fact that Daddy was the Pastor and Mommy ensured that they were part and parcel of the ministry. Rev John Mark was teaching Sunday school at age 11 and his sister was playing piano for the Sunday Morning worship service at an even younger age. He believes that being tied to the ministry at such a young age was one of the biggest blessings in his life. It set the foundation and deposited influences that took him to the next stage in life. While at Naparima College, Faith Centre began and he grew exponentially in ministry. His musical abilities were developed by force. He helped prepare the facilities, ran errands for the church office and had to fit into just about every aspect. To bring balance to his testimony, he had his fair share of visits to the Dean’s office, ‘run ins’ with prefects and even a few ‘hand to hand’ confrontations but, was still called to the ministry.

In what seemed to be the blink of an eye, after ‘Naps’ he had the privilege of going to the United States to study. There he earned his degree in Business Man agement from the University of South Florida.

It was in this strange environment he was forced to trust in and depend on Jesus. There he learned about love, racism, independence, balance, friendship and guess what? Yes, ministry ….again! No matter how far he went, he couldn’t resist it! It was in his blood! It was his destiny- his calling. He enrolled in Bible School, helped pioneer two churches in Florida, was involved in prison ministry on Sunday evenings, worked with the Jr. High department on Wednesday nights and played in the church band every weekend. The pieces were coming together. In 1994 he moved back to Trinidad and began working in Faith Centre. He got married to his high school sweetheart Caroline and together they are raising Micah, Ashley and Ethan to be the next generation of powerful Christian leaders.

picture inset: Rev. John-Mark,Caroline, Micah,Ashley and Ethan Chankersingh

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"The greatest medicine in all the world is God's PEACE. It has no side effects, and it's free."
 --Apostle C. K. Chankersingh

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