Dunamis Student Ministry

"Teaching Truth to Teenagers"

Every Friday evening, there is an alternative for young people who seek to avoid the hustle and bustle in San Fernando. Over the years, hundreds of teens have found the Dunamis Student Ministry to be a refreshing bath of love and acceptance. Our beginning is as humble as the church itself. Within a few weeks of Faith Centre being birthed, our Bishop knew he needed to establish a ministry for the young people. Over the years we were blessed with dynamic leadership and direction. We began having youth camps, crusades, community projects and rather unorthodox evangelistic events like The Dark Side of Christmas ( a horror house),Club Dunamis and The Basics of Life a youth musical.

This ministry exists to help teenagers come to know Christ and to help them develop into mature, rooted disciples of Jesus. Thus at Dunamis meetings, the emphasis is always truth. We believe that only those who reverence God can grow, and only those who know His Word will reverence Him, therefore, we love His Word and we teach others to love His Word.

We usually don’t know what to expect on any given Friday night, as the Holy Spirit likes to lead us to do different things. We are involved in evangelism, missions, discipling and training. We are evolving! Growing! Maturing! DSM has seen its very own become Sunday School teachers, missionaries, group leaders, singers and musicians as well as successful businessmen and professionals in varied fields, all with that same youthful passion to live for Christ.

Our aim at Dunamis Student Ministry is to raise up a generation of young people who will not bow to this world nor its systems. We desire to develop young people who would choose death before they deny Christ, either in word or deed, who would love righteousness and hate sin and who will serve their generation for the sake of the gospel. Led by Anson Joseph and his Spirit-filled team, DSM is poised to take the next generation to the cross!

We will not mix our principles, lower our standards or deny our God. We will not be burdened with the things of this world, for the things of this world are temporary. We seek to please an audience of one, and His name is Jesus. We must preach until all know!

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel…” Romans 1:16

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Daily Devotion

"The greatest medicine in all the world is God's PEACE. It has no side effects, and it's free."
 --Apostle C. K. Chankersingh

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