Children's Ministry

Our Sunday School’s, out motto is Enriching Lives…Creating Leaders. Our objective is twofold. We seek to provide effective teaching and training to prepare each child for service that would bring honour and glory to Almighty God, as well as to teach each child how to respond to God’s divine affection, to live for Him, to walk in His ways and to love Him.

This ministry exists for the sole purpose of discipling children. This process is about developing in them such Christ-like attitudes as selflessness, servanthood, humility and obedience. In order to foster such growth, the staff acknowledges that we must emulate the methods of Jesus Christ Who has established His credibility as the Master Teacher.

In addition to Bible ministry, the Sunday school provides a platform to meet the needs of our young charges, so they can minister in their gifts. We adhere to the old maxim: “Use them or lose them.” For this reason, they are given opportunities to use their gifts and talents, and most importantly to evangelise, when we hold our special programmes such as: Friends Day, Hallelujah Evening, Children’s Baptismal Service, and our Christmas production.

The Sunday School staff perceives our role in partnership with parents and our Pastor, as vital, in the molding of young lives. Therefore we are relentless in our efforts to impart unto our children all that God wants us to give. As we continue in the ministry, we await with sustained anticipation filled with faith to see them bear fruit and display the characteristics of true disciples of Christ.

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Daily Devotion

"The greatest medicine in all the world is God's PEACE. It has no side effects, and it's free."
 --Apostle C. K. Chankersingh

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