Our History

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IT IS TRULY WONDERFUL WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE! This is our anthem of praise as we reflect on the goodness of the Lord over this Ministry. We were ushered into church history in what was considered a totally unexpected and unorthodox fashion, a church conceived, ordained and destined by Almighty God arrived according to His calendar.

Faith Centre had its birth pangs at Bishop's home. However, it was on Sunday 16th October 1983 at Jesus Deliverance Centre that we had our first official service. Soon after, in December 1983, we were led to Prince of Wales Street to the then Rakeeb Hosein building where God began moving in such a phenomenal way that many of us were propelled into ministry. In 1985 we acquired and moved into what was formerly Globe cinema, our home. In March, 1992 our first church was birthed in Arima, pastored by Rev. Afzal Ali and his lovely wife Linda. Then in January 2000 another Faith Centre was pioneered in Port of Spain by Dr. Leslie Persaud and his lovely wife Hassina.

The Lord has sovereignly taken us through giant steps of faith accomplishing the impossible. Through the visionary and prolific spirit of our Bishop and his wife we were challenged into the building of the Complex. This continues to be one of the most astounding miracles in the history of our church. On Sunday 20th October 2002 in the then car park we dedicated the land and broke ground for the start of the work. Despite the many challenges the work on the Complex has been progressing marvelously. The favour of God escalated over the Ministry.

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In its complete state it stands majestic at the corner of Prince of Wales and Keate Streets as a glowing testimony of Almighty God. We were entrusted with the Isaiah Project which was launched in February 2004. Another miracle emerged in the horizon with the launching of The Good Success Groups which took place on Sunday 10th July 2005. Evangelistic in nature, each member of a group leads an unsaved person to Christ and brings them into good success and prosperity. God has also granted us the favour of penetrating the airwaves and the electronic media and we can now be heard “LIVE” every Sunday at 8:15 a.m. on WACK 90.1FM in many parts of this country, and through the world wide web, www.wackradio901fm.com we are able to reach the nations of the world with the Gospel. We are also touching lives via Isaac 98.1fm every Sunday morning at 10:45a.m. and can be accessed daily on our own website www.faithcentrett.org.

In February 2004 one of our daughters in the faith, started a church in New Jersey, U.S.A. Bishop ordained Rosalind Mahadeo to the ministry in 2006. She pastors His Throneroom Ministries International. In October 2007, our 24th Anniversary, we also celebrated the ordination of Rev. John Mark Chankersingh. One of the defining moments in the history of Faith Centre was when the Bible College reopened its doors on Tuesday 12th February 2008. He has indeed blessed and prospered us beyond measure in all facets of our lives.

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Daily Devotion

"The greatest medicine in all the world is God's PEACE. It has no side effects, and it's free."
 --Apostle C. K. Chankersingh

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