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One of the defining moments in the history of Faith Centre was when the Bible College reopened its doors on Tuesday 12th February 2008. Mandated with a revised vision from the Bishop to raise up godly men and women who know God and His Word; who know His call and are willing to pursue it at all costs, the College was consequently restructured to achieve this objective and with your spiritual destiny in mind.

Faculty newStaffed with a cadre of Spirit-filled, competent and experienced personnel who has a heart for the students, our intention is that there be the transference of anointing, giftedness and godliness from the faculty member to students as he ministers. The end result is that not only would there be academic achievement but more importantly the students would know the God of the Bible, become Spiritempowered, and relevant to meet the needs and challenges of the Kingdom in this hour. As the leadership of the College we are driven by the continuous prayer of the Bishop, who remains committed and very actively involved. His prayer is that the Lord would make this College a factory for the manufacturing of men and women of God who would greatly impact their generation. The Bishop’s vision is crystal clear as he considers the pivotal role that the College would play not only in this local church but also in the entire Organization under his Bishopric. This includes the planting of the twenty-five Outreaches to spread the gospel in many areas of this region and beyond. Every great vision necessitates capture and performance. The leadership of the College therefore accepts the challenge as we envision the reality of transferring into these lives perspective, passion and direction for the Gospel’s sake and the future of God’s work through the Faith Centre Ministries.

It is our intention to team up with Ministry groups as we work closely with the Bishop to execute his vision. The leadership therefore continues to encourage and endorse involvement in every facet of our church including evangelistic operations, missions trips, and outreach programmes. The College’s “on the job” training also entails equipping for active function in church services, prayer meetings, house meetings, wakes and funerals amongst others. In addition to this priority is given to character development which is essential for becoming vessels of honour for God’s use.

As faculty members and leadership of the College we stand committed to serving you as we make every effort to continue the process of structuring the College for lasting friendship, bonding and excellence. Today I challenge you. If you are sensing even a slight awareness that God’s hand is upon your life; if you believe that God has saved you and kept you for this hour and this time; then cooperate with the Holy Spirit and avail yourself for enrolment.

Faith Centre Bible College is pleased to offer this Two-Year Ministerial Leadership Certificate Training Course for those desirous of knowing and pursuing the call of God upon thier life. With a keen emphasis on the anointing, "hands-on" training, transference of spirit as well as the academics, the Programme is geared towards equipping and transforming ordinary Christians into visionary, reproducing men and women of God who will impact their generation with the Gospel by the will of God and for the glory of God. It is our resolute desire to create the best envitonment possible for you not only to identify and walk in your gifts and calling but also to know the Word of God and have an ongoing intimate experience with the God of the Bible.





May the training of this Two-Year Ministerial Certificate Course burn within you an all consuming passion to know God and His power and that in knowing Him a revival would break forth in you with such an urgency that there would be a persistent cry like Isaiah, "Here am I; send me".

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"The greatest medicine in all the world is God's PEACE. It has no side effects, and it's free."
 --Apostle C. K. Chankersingh

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